What Is the Sandbox and How to Get Started

The Sandbox is a project of the metaverse and a decentralized gaming platform where multiple players can participate, and in return, they can earn a profit. Like Sandbox, there are so many other gaming platforms, like OpenSea, Lucid Sight, World of Ether, Mythical games and so many others.

Before getting into it, let’s have a broader view of the Sandbox!

What is the Sandbox

Sandbox is an Ethereum-based blockchain and a project of the metaverse, it is a decentralized gaming platform where you can create, share, and monetize gaming assets and it could be a good long-term investment.

Everybody in the sandbox can participate in the game and return, they can earn profit. The sandbox provides the free tools to create gaming assets which is itself a good opportunity to earn a profit and to start from zero.

How To Get Started

Here, is the easiest and quick step by step guide to get started Sandbox:

Step 1: Go to the official website of Sandbox and hit on the Sign-Up button to create an account:

Step 2: Click on the button Connect My wallet to connect the wallet:

Step 3: Click on the button MetaMask to connect the MetaMask wallet:

Step 4: Enter the password of your MetaMask account and then hit the button Unlock:

Note: If you don’t have a MetaMask account visit this article’s step-by-step guide to get started with MetaMask.

Step 5: After successful wallet connectivity, it’s time to create an account on Sandbox. To create an account, enter your Username, Email, and Password and hit on the button Continue:

Step 6: The account has been successfully created, now onward you can play on Sandbox. Now onward you can create your avatar, buy land, and can play games:


It is a decentralized gaming platform where you can develop, share, and monetize gaming assets, it is an Ethereum-based blockchain and a metaverse project. Additionally, it can be a wise long-term investment, everyone in the sandbox is free to take part in the game and profit from it. The sandbox offers free tools to generate gaming assets, which in and of itself is a great opportunity to start from scratch and make money.

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