How Can You Share an NFT: Fractional NFTs | Explained

Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are a good investment for professional as well as new investors. Here, most of the investors can earn high profits because it gives multiple options of investment to investors. Investors can create, mint, sell, buy, and even can share NFTs. So, you folks are thinking about what it means to share an NFT, most of the time expensive NFTs are not possible to purchase by a single investor so here a group of investors buys a single expensive NFT this process is called fractional NFT. To know more about fractional NFT read the article!

What Is Fractional NFTs

If someone wishes to purchase the NFT, they must first exchange some money with you in order to acquire a token representing the NFT. But there is also a concept of Fractional NFTs, which means buying a part of NFTs instead of buying the whole NFT. It is the process that applies to NFTs when we want to buy NFT shares.

For instance, if you are a new investor and you don’t have enough credit to buy a complete NFT. So here you can buy a chunk of NFT. Furthermore, fractional NFT means an NFT is divided into multiple chunks and each chunk would be bought by a group of investors.

Fractional NFTs also allow you to invest in multiple NFTs by buying the shares instead of investing in a single NFT.

Fractional NFTs Marketplace

Here, the top five fractional markets place where you can buy shares of expensive NFTs are mentioned below:

  • art
  • com
  • WithOtis
  • ly


  • Good investment for new investors
  • It reduces the risk of loss
  • Invite the investors to own part of expensive NFTs
  • High Liquidity
  • Curator Rewards
  • Defi Integration
  • Quick value estimation


  • The issue of reconstitution
  • Purchase auctions
  • undesirable buyouts


Fractional NFTs involve purchasing a portion of an NFT rather than the entire NFT. This procedure is used when we want to purchase NFT shares. Additionally, a fractional NFT is one that is broken up into smaller pieces, with each piece being purchased by a different group of investors.

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