What are CryptoKitties and How to Buy it

There are numerous decentralized gaming platforms, such as Fraland, STEPN, DeFi Land, Zed Run, and Star Atlas. The “CryptoKitties” is yet another decentralized gaming platform, and its smart contract is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, which is totally open source.

Today’s article will focus on CryptoKitties and the purchasing process, so let’s get started!

What Are CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties are a decentralized game application (DApp) built on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain technology, and they are NFTs of unique cats with generation and breeding capabilities. You can sell and buy game assets (kitties) and gain rewards in exchange. In this game, you can sell and buy directly to the community rather than the authority, as opposed to other games where you can only acquire assets from the authority but not sell them due to their centralized approach.

You should be aware of the following CryptoKitties facts:

  1. Generation of cat
  2. Fast of cat

The question now is, what does “cat generation” mean? The generation of cats reflects how old the cat is; if the cat has Gen (0), it is the very old cat on CryptoKitties, and it is, of course, highly valuable. In 2017, the first cats were sold for $117,000.

Now, let’s talk about the cat’s fast, which always represents the breed time, and let us know about the cat’s cool time. Here, we always favor high-breed cats since they produce more offspring when they meet.

How To Buy CryptoKitties

To buy CryptoKitties you must have a successful wallet activation on MetaMask which is commonly used with Ethereum-based blockchains. Here the quick and easiest guide to buy CryptoKitties:

Step 1: Set Up MetaMask read the article to activate the Metamask wallet.

Step 2: Connect the wallet with the CryptoKitties official website and click on the Start button:

Step 3: After a successful connection go to the Catalog and buys the kitties.

Note: Gen and Fast always keep in mind while purchasing, prefer old gen and fast breed.

Step 4: After selecting any one of the kittie from the given catalog, you have to complete the checkout process by clicking on the button Buy with ETH or you can make the offer by clicking on the button Make an offer.


CryptoKitties is a blockchain-based decentralized gaming platform built on Ethereum, on this platform, you can directly sell and buy crypto kittens among the community and earn prizes in exchange. Furthermore, there is no need for a third party to get involved and its smart contract is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain and it is publicly available.

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